To public opinion

A day after the Turkish invasion of areas in northern and eastern Syria, preliminary results showed that the most damaged places were civilian populated places where Children and civilians were killed, houses were destroyed and churches such as the Church of Majerjes for Assyrians in Qamishli and killing of Christians and did not survive even the prisons of ISIS (daesh) , And its camps that have seen great chaos ,All of this shows the main objective of the Turkish occupation, which is to target the entire region and commit massacres. All indications are that Turkey is facing large-scale massacres in northern and eastern Syria, including Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir Ezzor, has seen a movement of dormant cells, and groups of IDPs flock to it. We call upon world public opinion, the international coalition, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and all peace-loving and benevolent forces to intervene and stop this brutal aggression against stone, trees and human beings without distinction between anyone.
. Raqqa Civil Council Joint Presidency
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